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Can You Get Life Insurance No Physical Cover? It is now possible to get life insurance no physical cover at affordable policies, as many people are worried about taking a physical exam when applying for life insurance. This can save you a lot of time and hassle in your life insurance application process.

In general, it is much easier for young people in good health to apply for policies that do not require physical examinations. If you do have...
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Couples Can Benefit From Joint Life Insurance Policies Many couples could benefit from taking out a joint life insurance policy. This could not only save you both money on premiums but could also offer you more benefits in the long run.

Joint life insurance is when you take out a single policy but in two names. These policies typically work on a ‘first death' basis. This means that the insurance would pay out if one of the named individuals dies. You...
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How Do I Get Health Care If I Have No Insurance? Many people don't stop to ask themselves the question “what happens if I have no insurance and I need medical care?” However this is a serious issue that needs to be considered very carefully.

If the answer is no when you ask yourself “what happens if I have no insurance and I need medical care?”, then you could be left facing debt caused by medical bills that you cannot afford. ...
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Life Insurance Plan: Is It Affordable? The primary concern of individuals shopping for a life insurance plan is finding one that meets their needs in the benefits it offers as well as having premiums that they can afford to pay. Most people feel that it is of absolute necessity to have a life insurance plan, but it should not cost an arm and a leg to pay for it. In other words, the rate for the policy should fit within your budget so that...
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Reasons Why You Might Need To Update Your Whole Life Insurance Whole life insurance is the type of life insurance most families tend to use. It's usually the breadwinner that takes the life insurance. Most people that take a life insurance like the basic benefits that come with a whole life insurance such as being sure that at some point money will be paid out to the family, which isn't necessarily the case with term life insurance. They enjoy knowing...
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New Ohio Drilling Policy May Be Good for Oil & Gas, Insurance Industries

Ohio in mid-April 2014 enacted stricter regulations for oil and gas drilling near faults or areas of past seismic activity, a move that some, including insurers, may view as a step in the right direction. The Ohio Department of Natural … The article New Ohio Drilling Policy May Be Good for Oil & Gas, Insurance Industries appeared first on Insurance Journal.

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